VW Repair & Restoration

4028 N. 24th Street  
Phoenix, AZ  85016
Phone: 602-274-0578

Open 9 to 5 Monday Through Friday

We offer all services on Vee Dubs - from oil changes to body work to restorations! We sell NEW tires, and balance and mount them on site!

We also install Gilmore Enterprises Air Conditioning Kits in your Air-Cooled VW.

These are very complete kits with highly efficient compressors .

Mounted, Balanced, Rotated, and Replaced Tires

We can balance 5x205 pattern wheels

Body Work Restoration

Interior Restoration

Window and Rubber Replacements

Rebuilding Engines Please call for quote.

Services  AND PARTS

Oil Changes for all New and Early VWs

Air-cooled with Stock Oil System $75

Water-Cooled  STARTING @ $105+ Depending on Oil Spec Required.